Back to School Shopping?

I just got back to vancouver just in time for school n' I've got to share my favorite clothes that I am in love with!!!

1. Denim Leggingsss!!
I found this while I was back in my hometown ,Taiwan, and they are maki
ng quite the scene, since almost everyone on the street are wearing them!! They are very convenient to wear and make your legs look skinny and long!
I bought a couple pairs of them!! They got pockets on
them, so they are definitely not your typical leggings! Even some are damaged to make them even more fashionable!

2.Baggy Shirts!!!
I know baggy shirts are probably the last thing anyone would of thought about buying nowadays! I mean they do add some meat on you when you wear them!!
but they are otherwise quite comfy, so I
bought a couple on my wayy
bak to mai hometown!

3.Cute cocktail dresses!
It never hurt anyone to buy some cocktail dresses to be stocked in your closet for emergenciessss!!
And I do mean "emergencies"!! If you ever end up goin to a semi-formal party or gathering its always nice to have something to wear in case something does come up!

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