Shoe addiction

So, I recently came across a new shoe designer called Raphael Young.
I have only come to notice this designer when browsing on net-a-porter.com
On the website it shows six different styles and I am only remotely interested in one (3).

The other five other styles, I must say are not my style. 

1. The black and ivory marbled resin wedge heel to me looks cheap and i generally am not a big fan of  suede, since I live in vancouver and it rains all the tme! 

2. I actually like the style of it just not so into the color, if it had a black or more of a chocolate brown I might like it more!

3. I really like the buckle detail of the shoe, it just appeals to me alot more than the other designs!

4. I actually like the design of the shoe except the purple strap on the side when looked closely feels  looks like a bad stretch band (like the ones on the waistline of stretch pants),if the purple straps were removed from the side replaced with leather and the purple strap at back was removed it would be perfection!

5. I don't really understand the concept of the shoe it looks like spaceship gone bad. The rose gold leather trim makes the shoe look cheap and costume like and when looked closely from the front the shoe is makes a deep v shape but with a extra piece of black leather fabric inside (basically you know how some people wear deep v t-shirts but wear a tube or tank top underneath? same concept except in this case it looks bad/weird)

6. I really don't understand this shoe either. The gold leather and ruching is distasteful. I just don't like it!

I have to say Raphael Young does create interesting shoes though!
Pictures via Net-A-Porter.com

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